mini Knight

This is a tale of a Knight, searching for his headphones. Headphones were hard to purchase back in the dark ages, impossible in fact… where the headphones came from remains a mystery even to this day, but what we do know from scrolls and documents saved by Friar Addams during the great fire, is that the Knight needed the headphones to listen to rock music on his android phone, so insistent was the Knights longing to listen to music, that he forged through wind, fire, snow, and ice to reach his goal.

Follow us as now as we retrace the steps the Knight took to find his headphones 

Arrows to  move

Left mouse button to attack

Right mouse button to defend


Gamepad DPAD and X/A and O/B

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AuthorThinking Frog Studios


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Super cool, i really like the overworld map to choose your level, the level themselves are a bit hard cause the spawnrate is fast and can get you quickly overwhelmed if you're in an area with multiple spawners to deal with, however i feel this could be more due to the fact that you cant attack in a direction and stay in place, or aim and move independently, nothing major, but i feel this could help improve gameplay a bit.

Other than that small issue the game feels really well made, i like the pixel art and animation, i had fun battleing the dragon boss, the music is epic, and i like the humor :) 

thanks mate

no problem, i had fun trying to search for these headphones XD

I am really digging the art and music!

The gameplay is decent too, But I have small caveat with the controls as it's a bit awkward for me.
I'd consider making the attack button space instead of the mouse button.

Hey, world map looks great. Had fun fighting the bosses. And the graphics look so good in such a small time.

The enemies felt a bit similar with different sprites, tough. It would be nice for them to have some move patterns that would set them apart.

Deleted post

Nice graphics! Especially your overworld art, really creates the atmosphere. Add the music you have and you really feel like you're a knight on an epic quest!

For improvement, I think the controls and the combat system could be improved. Like the other commenter, having diagonal attacks would just make it feel more intuitive and less clunky. Also, I suggest that you add WASD controls in addition to the arrow keys :D


Thanks efigi

I personally hate WASD controls... but I totally get your point that you an others do like them and after all we are making games for others to play. You opened my eyes a bit on that one mate, thanks.

imagine playing on a laptop with a trackpad.. You can either use your trackpad left-handed or cross your hands over to use the arrows with your left and the mouse with your right. Neither of which is very comfortable. There also doesn't appear to be any directional information coming from the mouse, so do you need to tie actions to clicking rather than keys? Especially as tying blocking to right click makes it very hard to use on macs, where right clicking is not particularly game-friendly.

Thanks for the feedback


Fun stuff. Played it a bit more than I expected. There's only 2 levels right? When the combat loop was really going, it was quite engaging. Especially when I was running out of block and planning my escape to heal. The down side ended up being that usually I just dodge or kill them quick instead of using strategic blocking - but that could be tuned up nice.

Other little things: Clicking to shoot when mouse doesn't aim was kinda counter intuitive (Gamepad is probably the way to play). Also, the fact that you can't shoot diagonal when still but can shoot in the cardinal directions while standing still was a bit counter intuitive (although I see that telegraphing stationary facing would mean producing twice as much player art).

Good job.


cheers bud, thanks for your feedback.

Agree with all you said, got some real wins on this jam, learning all the time, and frankly very happy that it all works and that I managed to implement all that I set out to do.